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Our Academics

35yrs of Excellence and counting…Emmanuel English School has been in the forefront at producing exemplary Results in the 10th and 12th Std.Year after year the School has topped the rankings and will continue to do so ,thanks to our excellent Teachers and our hardworking Students 

Learning at the Emmanuel beginnings is designed to be an enjoyable experience for children, thus making them want to come to school every day. By increasing student interest, by making learning fun but meaningful, we lay the foundation for developing a lifelong interest in learning. Children learn through playing games, songs, sports and creative activities.

Junior School

The Junior School Program at Emmanuel comprises of Std I to Std V. These are the foundation years of education, where various skills, preferences and abilities are developed. 

Our teachers use multiple learning styles to help students retain information and strengthen understanding.

Middle School

The Middle School Program at Emmanuel comprises of Std VI to Std VIII. In the Middle School students build on the foundations laid in previous years. New challenges are met as communication, reasoning, problem solving, and value judgement become more complex.

Students in the Middle School pursue a common, comprehensive, academically-oriented curriculum, which prepares them for success in High School.


The Council encourages a system of continuous assessment by the school therefore, all the subjects have an internal assessment component of 20% marks in the form of project work, while the final written examination accounts for 80% marks. With respect to the optional subject chosen from Group III, it is divided into a Theory paper and a Practical component, with each being assessed to the extent of 50% marks through internal evaluation and 50% marks by way of external evaluation / final written examination. The assessment in ‘SUPW’ is graded

Subjects included in ICSE program are:

Group I (Compulsory Subjects)

  • English

  • Second Language (Indian Language or Modern Foreign Language)

  • History, Civics, Geography [Social Studies]

  • Environmental Education

Group II

  • Science Stream

  • Mathematics

  • Science ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

  • Commerce Stream

  • Economics

  • Commercial Studies

Group III (Any one of the following subjects)

  • Computer Applications

  • Economic Application

  • Commercial Application

  • Environmental Application

  • Physical Education


The Indian School Certificate Examination is taken as a two year course of studies beyond the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (year Ten) Examination or its equivalent.

Compulsory subject:

  • English

  • Environmental Education


Subject                               Science                                Commerce 


Compulsory                        English                                  English 


Core                                    Physics                                 Economics

                                           Chemistry                              Accounts

                                           Mathematics                          Commerce


Optional                             Biology/Comp.Sc                  Math/Business Studies

2nd Lang.                                                   Hindi/Bengali


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