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“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.”

A school whose rich history is blended with surging innovation, Emmanuel English School has left its mark on all aspects of education. Emmanuel is a perfect mixture of holistic education coupled with character building, co-curricular activities and sports all in a sheath of discipline and respect towards the Almighty. With a campus spread over 10 acres , Emmanuel boasts of being one of the best places to study at.

Since the advent of the formal education system, there have been institutions that boast of excellence in their respective individual fields and this is where Emmanuel stands apart. This institution prides itself in its ability to produce exemplary individuals that aim to do more than just pursue knowledge which is the quintessence of all our educational endeavor. We at Emmanuel continue to strengthen the never-ending process by interweaving and enriching life with a variety of experience, which will help to kindle the frame of knowledge. Clear in concept, resolved in spirit…Send the Light.

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