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A Christian Minority Educational Institution, Emmanuel English School was founded in 1982 by Mr.P.J.Thomas and was affiliated to  Council for the  Indian School Certificate Examinations in 2000.Emmanuel English School has been the forerunner in spreading Knowledge to all  irrespective of caste, creed and nationality.


Vision and Mission Statement

History beckons, Emmanuel English School is a Thirty Five years young. Emmanuel is a metaphor for commitment, care and service.Emmanuel English School has its roots deeply seated in Christian ethos which recipocate the value of Selfless service and spreading love amongst all.  Emmanuelites articulate our pledge for posterity, our ‘vision’ of the ‘mission’ of Emmanuel English School, our ambition and aspiration for future. We are proud of the progress of Emmanuel English School of today - a precious seed has prospered into a vital, virtuous tree. 

As enunciated in its Mission Statement, Emmanuel English School will continue to impart education to the all irrespective of their religion , caste or gender .


To spread knowledge and promote a society based on love, freedom, liberty, justice, equality and fraternity.

  • To become a centre of excellence in Education;

  • To excel in all areas of teaching-learning, co-curricular activities ;

  • To contribute to the creation of knowledge and to search for the meaning of life;

  • To be a bridge between the rural-urban divide, taking the benefits of education to the poor and the marginalized, aiming at their empowerment;

  • To ensure access to and equity in  educational opportunity to all deserving and meritorious students with a preferential option for the poor and marginalized, irrespective of caste and creed;

  • To inspire and challenge all segments of the school to raise the realm of good to great to greater, through continuous quality assessment;

  • To form young men and women of competence, commitment, conscience and compassion;

  • To contribute the spreading of Knowledge; in the spirit of ‘Send the Light’, the motto of Emmanuel English School;

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