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A day in the life of a Emmanuel boarder boys and girls embodies all the values that the school hopes to instill in a student. The day begins with morning studies for which each boarder has to report on time, then after an hour of studies a wholesome breakfast is served and off the boys go to school. A snack session and a lunch in the pantry make sure that boarders never go hungry. When the school hours get over, the playing time begins during which all boarders are encouraged to play– and play with the ‘no one gets left behind’ spirit. Thus, more abled players in bring the new talents up to their speed. The playing hours are followed by a chapel service and which the boys bow down to the Almighty and ask for his graces. Then a session of evening studies makes sure that a boarder does equally well in his academics as he does on the field. A filling dinner is served in the break between the evening study hours. A punctual lights-out makes sure the boarders catch enough sleep for the next day.

Thus, every day the boarding teaches its members punctuality, discipline, sportsmanship, reverence towards god, and also how to balance academics along the way. The boarders  have a distinct quaintness now amiss from the world which makes them all the more a class apart.”

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